The Journey Begins

This is the third, or maybe fourth blog I’ve started.

This entire time my blog posts have been “edgy” and angsty, mainly because whenever I started the blog I started it to “prove a point” or to “scare the squares”, this entire time I never realized that I’m an idiot who lives an idiotic life.

So why a blog? Why give up on my “lucrative” YouTube channel?

(200+ Subscribers! Man! Was I popular!) 

Youtube Channel

It’s simple, I might end up going back to YouTube but in the humdrum of college life and the willingness to become a better writer and storyteller, I decided that writing a blog is the best way to achieve my goals.

So what will you see here?

Mostly rants. I’ll probably do some film theory on here, along with anecdotes and stories from shows and life, that I find funny or introspective enough to share. I am not an interesting person, I do have a million ideas and thoughts. Some of which are “interesting” and others just outright “crazy and stupid”. These are not my words, they are the words of one of my best friends, Caleb Sharp.

Why the name? And while we’re on the topic of names why do I have three?

The short answer to the first question is, my first blog was called “Supernatural Hangover” and I don’t really know why, and since I can’t use the name under any context, except the name of a show (I just thought of that! DONE! My next show will be called “Supernatural Hangover”), I decided to stick with it. A theme I see re-occurring in my life. I come up with a name for something years ago and then I just never let it go.

As for my name. I was born “Annanya George”, I picked the stage name “Anadai George” because I thought it was cool. Again, something I don’t want to change because it stuck(it’s certainly way better than the three, stage names I had before it, “Dr. Fre”, “Mr.E”, and “Fat Boy”). Lastly, I go by “Andy” because it’s a nickname that lets me have shorter dialogues with people who want to know how to pronounce my name. Life is short, when I introduce myself to people I don’t think it’s efficient to spend time telling people how to pronounce “Annanya” without the knowledge on whether or not I’ll be close to them later. I’d rather have people go “Oh! Andy! We’ve fought 27 wars together now, we’re pretty much friends now, how do you pronounce “Annanya”?”, than “Oh! MAN! we’ve been friends for 87 lives now, a-naan-yuh (this is my name mispronounced)“.

Final thoughts

Hopefully this time, I get to actually make you laugh by sharing some of my thoughts and ideas unironically.



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